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RSSFWD is Shutting Down

Well folks, after quite a long run we have decided to shut down RSSFWD. If you are a current user you probably have questions as to why, so we will try to boil it down in short and simple terms. Below, are the reasons why we are shutting down:

1. We don’t have the proper resources to build and scale this service.

2. RSSFWD was never a priority or focus for us, it was just a service that we found useful and very helpful for those of us who wanted more timely updates on the feeds we care about without having to constantly check our RSS readers all of the time.

3. The service has grown in user base and subscription numbers and requires continuous tweaking and updating to handle the load of subscription notifications. These tweaks and updates don’t happen often enough to keep the system stable and working on a timely basis.

3. The service costs a nice chunk of money to keep up and running every year, and as you well know, its free 🙂

4. We have a LONG list of features that we would like to build out, but just don’t see it happening in the near term.

5. We don’t  have enough bandwidth to respond to all of the support emails, and we REALLY hate to keep leaving people hanging.

Honestly, we would love to keep it up and running but don’t see how we can at this time. That said, we are open to ideas, partnerships, acquisition, etc of the service. Any and all ideas will be considered. Please email us at with the subject line “RSSFWD INQUIRY” if you have any interest in partnering, acquiring, or helping out this effort. We believe “RSS to email” is a wonderful service, and we would like to keep it going, and free. Ideas anyone? Get in touch.

SUPPORT: for those of you patient folks who have been emailing us for support, we just don’t have the bandwidth to get back to all of you, so we apologize for the lack of communication, we have discontinued responding to any support.

Thanks for your continued patience and thanks for using the service. We will be shutting down in February and will post the final notice once we have the firm date. If any other plans are made we will be sure to announce them right here on this blog. Thanks again!



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