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RSSFWD is Shutting Down

Well folks, after quite a long run we have decided to shut down RSSFWD. If you are a current user you probably have questions as to why, so we will try to boil it down in short and simple terms. Below, are the reasons why we are shutting down:

1. We don’t have the proper resources to build and scale this service.

2. RSSFWD was never a priority or focus for us, it was just a service that we found useful and very helpful for those of us who wanted more timely updates on the feeds we care about without having to constantly check our RSS readers all of the time.

3. The service has grown in user base and subscription numbers and requires continuous tweaking and updating to handle the load of subscription notifications. These tweaks and updates don’t happen often enough to keep the system stable and working on a timely basis.

3. The service costs a nice chunk of money to keep up and running every year, and as you well know, its free 🙂

4. We have a LONG list of features that we would like to build out, but just don’t see it happening in the near term.

5. We don’t  have enough bandwidth to respond to all of the support emails, and we REALLY hate to keep leaving people hanging.

Honestly, we would love to keep it up and running but don’t see how we can at this time. That said, we are open to ideas, partnerships, acquisition, etc of the service. Any and all ideas will be considered. Please email us at with the subject line “RSSFWD INQUIRY” if you have any interest in partnering, acquiring, or helping out this effort. We believe “RSS to email” is a wonderful service, and we would like to keep it going, and free. Ideas anyone? Get in touch.

SUPPORT: for those of you patient folks who have been emailing us for support, we just don’t have the bandwidth to get back to all of you, so we apologize for the lack of communication, we have discontinued responding to any support.

Thanks for your continued patience and thanks for using the service. We will be shutting down in February and will post the final notice once we have the firm date. If any other plans are made we will be sure to announce them right here on this blog. Thanks again!



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RSSFWD 2.0 is Ready to Roll! Instructions Below

The time has finally come! RSSFWD is back in action in its next iteration. We have completed development and beta testing and are ready for all of our users to start using the system. Thanks to everyone who has been reading the blog and following us on Twitter and testing out the new system. Your feedback has been invaluable!

We also would like to thank everyone for being PATIENT with us! We know this wasn’t the preferred migration path most of you would expect, and if there are still any old Blogarithm users out there, we hope you give this new version a try!

Many of you have asked us if we can keep the old site running. In reality, the old site has become unmanageable, and we are unable to resurrect it. This is why we have decided to re-write the system entirely from the ground up.

On this note, we intend to turn off the old site and service Sunday September 28th.  If you’d like to continue to use RSSFWD (or give us another shot), please establish your account at On September 28th, will be completely converted to the new site.

We have established a simple account export process. Follow these steps to import your subscriptions:

  1. Create an account with the same email address at for the account you’d like to port over.
  2. Log into your account (at and go to the “My Subscriptions” tab.
  3. Beneath your current set of subscriptions (of which you likely have none unless you’ve already been playing with the new site), there is a link to “Import from old RSSFWD”. Click this link, then select your delivery interval, and submit to schedule your import.

Due to the sheer size of the old database (and several inefficiencies that we hope to have alleviated with the new version), we are taking the approach that active users perform this very simple process. There is quite a bit of stale data in the old database, and for our subscribers’ sakes, we would like to purge this useless data.

Until September 28th, those who have migrated their accounts will likely receive duplicate emails. Once we turn off the old system you will no longer receive the emails from the older service. Please be patient with us over the next few days as we complete this migration and get back to offering a stable, reliable RSS to email solution!

Please email us if you have any questions or issues with this migration. We have tried to make it as simple as possible. We look forward to your feedback! Enjoy!



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The Next Version of RSSFWD: UPDATE

It has been a while, and while we are way behind on the development and testing we have put out a beta version of our next release. For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you already know this and have been using the system. Here is where we are at:

1. We’re still in beta.  We encourage all users new and existing to access our beta site at .  With your help, we’ll be out of beta in two weeks, and we’ll move back over to

2. In this next version we have introduced accounts.  Yes, this means there’s a password, but it’s optional (considering this isn’t the most sensitive information). Your old account has _not_ been transferred over.  Part of the reason for this is that we’d like to only port those accounts over that are active.  You can port your account by following these 3 simple steps:

– Go to the original site ( <; ) and export your feeds as OPML  (save the file to disk)

– Go to <>  and create your account.

–  At beta, go to the “My Subscriptions” tab (when logged in) and choose to import from OPML (uploading the file downloaded in step 1).

Emails now bundle several feed entries together.  This reduces overhead within the system and improves performance.

Please forward us any bugs or issues you encounter and we will address them. With your help we will be back to normal with a new and improved version. Thanks again for bearing with us.

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Hello RSSFWD users, time for an update. We are just wrapping up the redevelopment of RSSFWD 2.0 and should be ready to test by the end of this week. Many of you have asked to be beta testers and we appreciate it! The testing period should be rather short and sweet.

The current system is still chugging along, and we are aware of the fact that you may be getting confirmation emails for blog you have already subscribed to. This is due to a system reset, this will not happen for all of your blogs, but please ignore these emails.

Also, for more frequent and updated alerts and system notifications we are very active on Twitter, so please stay tuned for updates there on a MUCH more frequent basis than the blog. Follow us here, or check status here.


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Our Apologies, We Messed Things Up

To all of our users, both our loyal RSSFWD users, and the new Blogarithm users that recently came on board using our service, we want to first apologize in advance for the lack of service and system performance. Simply put, our migration of Blogarithm could not have gone any worse, and many of you are experiencing extremely poor if any updates and preference management, from our platform.

Due to the overwhelming volume of support emails we apologize if you did not receive a timely response from us. In an effort to try to answer some questions and explain whats happening, here are some facts that hopefully answer the heart of the support emails:

Why is the system not working?

In short, our integration of the Blogarithm user base was very poorly executed. We lacked proper planning, and did not foresee some of the complications that we are currently experiencing. We never assigned dedicated resources to RSSFWD since the system has been stable for the past 4 years. As a result, we were unable to react as quickly as we should have. We apologize for the lack of communication as well over the last few weeks, we know we could have done better here.

Will the service work properly again and if so when?

We are actively working to bring on a dedicated resource to manage RSSFWD. We hope to have this finalized by the end of this week, and quickly get the system back up to par. We will be communicating much more frequently on this blog as we make progress in this realm and will keep you all updated. You can now follow us for updates on twitter as well at

Where the heck are my feeds?

Some of you have experienced error pages and messages saying that you do not have your subscriptions. Rest assured, they are still in the database and will be available as soon as possible. We know this has been a concern for many of you, and again, we apologize for this inconvenience and are actively working to fix this issue.

We cant express enough apologies for the inconvenience in powering your subscriptions. We understand that we have lost and may continue to lose many users as a result of this service disruption, and can only hope that we can be worthy of a second look when the system is fixed and improved with new features.

To the incoming Blogarithm users, what can we say? We messed up. We know things changed for you and fast, and the transition was less than graceful. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that we get the chance to show you that we really are a lot better than this.

For those of you who are bearing this out with us, we will be back soon, we promise! We appreciate your dedication and support as we work to get RSSFWD back!


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Welcome Blogarithm Users!

We apologize for keeping our blog dusty over the past few months. We have been working hard on many different projects and have frankly been pretty bad about keeping up with posting updates, and the development pipeline for RSSFWD.

That said, in an effort to catch up, we would first like to welcome the users of Blogarithm to the RSSFWD platform!

As many of you know, RSSFWD acquired the Blogarithm service earlier this year. You can see the official press release on our parent site here.

We have been busy over the past few months preparing for an integration of all Blogarithm users to migrate over to RSSFWD. That transition was just activated yesterday (again sorry for all of you Blogarithm users for the late blog post). For those of you that potentially missed the alert emails and updates, I will post the most recent one below:

Dear Blogarithm Subscriber,

We hope you are doing well! As you may recall, the Blogarithm service was acquired earlier this year by Blue Sky Factory, Inc. The same group that runs the similar service RSSFWD ( We wanted to alert you to some upcoming changes to the Blogarithm service that will require some awareness and some minor changes, to ensure that your content continues to be delivered in a timely fashion.

Starting on May 20, Blogarithm‘s blog / site updates will be delivered by the platform moving forward. We are excited about this transition, and are looking forward to consolidating all of our users on one common platform to power your RSS to email needs.

In advance of this transition, we would like you to be aware of a few changes that will affect your service:

1. Please add to your safe sender / whitelist to ensure continued delivery of your subscriptions. All new subscription delivery will come from this address moving forward.

2. Any website that you are currently subscribed to that does not have an RSS feed will no longer be monitored by the system. has auto-discovery of RSS feeds, so if you are not sure if a site that you subscribe to has a RSS feed or not, you can simply type in the URL in RSSFWD and it will do the detection for you.

3. As a result of the transition, the existing “Blogroll” and “Related blogs” widgets wont work anymore. However all subscription forms will continue to work as usual. However, the graphics will be updated to reflect the brand.

4. The look and feel of your updates will change as a result of this migration. The existing Blogarithm email template will be replaced with the standard HTML email format, which will look different that the current emails you receive. The new footer will offer functionality around the ability to unsubscribe and to preview your subscriptions and set your preferences.

5. You can opt-out / unsubscribe entirely if you choose from the Blogarithm service prior to the migration, or after if you choose to. You can opt out of your communications by simply emailing the words “opt out” to

6. The Blogarithm service as it exists today will stop on May 20. From that point will be the platform powering all of your RSS to email subscriptions.

We appreciate your assistance, patience and understanding as we go through this transition. We are committed to brining you a comprehensive RSS to email solution for both publishers and consumers of content. With that the RSSFWD, is being built out with an enhanced feature set to give you more control over the content you subscribe to. In addition, we will be releasing some new publisher features and an API as well for easy blog / site integration. We will of course keep you updated when the new version is released.

Thanks again for using Blogarithm / RSSFWD! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or have any issues with the migration of your subscriptions, please fee free to contact us at and we will get back to you. Please note, we have well over 100k users and a small staff dedicated to support so it may take us a day or two to get back with you.

Best regards,

The RSSFWD / Blogarithm team

Again, we apologize for being slight on the blog postings. We will try to get active once again. Also, we ask for your patience with responses to support emails, with the two services combined now we have well over 65,000 users. It can take a few days to get a response to your support email, we thank you for your understanding!

Thanks again for using our service. We will post our development pipeline for RSSFWD to let you know what is coming over the next few months. Many new features for both consumers and publishers will be coming, as well as a premium version as a direct result of your feedback and requests, so stay tuned!

Thanks again!

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Welcome to RssFwd!

Thanks for stopping by. We have decided to set up an “official” blog thats focused solely on this service. We have a lot of updates and positive changes coming up in the near future and we want to make sure you know about them!

As many of you may know RssFwd was acquired by my company, Blue Sky Factory, Inc, earlier this year. I have to say, it has been a true pleasure working with Choon Keat, and we are excited that he remains passionate about RssFwd and continues on with us as the prime developer.

We would love to hear from you, our users. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can do to better improve our service. RssFwd remains a simple, yet effective way to have RSS based content delivered right to your inbox.

We also love to hear about the unique and interesting ways people are using the service. If you haven’t seen some of the latest press, check out these two articles on how folks are using the service to get RSS updates to their mobile phones:

Lifehacker – Get feed updates via text message – July 12th by Gina Trapani
TUAW – Receive RSS feeds as SMS messages – July 13th by Erica Sadun

We look forward to hearing from you, and stay tuned for more updates and improvements to the service!

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